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Founder & Marketing Consultant

Founder & Marketing Consultant

Joanna "Geummy" Lee

Geummy started her career in hospital management, after studying global medicine at USC, worked as the head of marketing for a celebrity hospital, and apprenticed under a Harvard digital media professor. Overseeing R & D, product development, patient care, and preventive care, her skill for bringing ideas to life in diverse markets while tying in the power of story-telling throughout the process led her to consulting businesses in NYC that focused on the athleisure, wellness, and restaurant market. In LA, she took on directing and producing a film project to help increase diversity in the portrayal of women in media and entertainment industry by securing funding on Kickstarter and executing it at film festival. Her work was nominated for the #50womencan cohort. Harnessing her first-hand experience in the power of media, storytelling, and brand consulting, Geummy successfully guides the Weosh creative team to drive impact for her clients.

Art Director & Fox Enthusiast

Art Director & Fox Enthusiast

Aimee Hernandez

Aimee found her love for marketing and advertising through creative story-telling and her meticulous obsession with professionalism. With six years of experience in art direction and nine years of graphic design, she has crafted pitch desks for clients like Pizza Hut, Snapple, and Ocean Spray, and has competed for four years in a national advertising competition (NSAC). Her art portfolio ranges from technical to theatrical design. Out of 800 applicants chosen to be part of the 2018 MPMS Cohort, she is an example of diversity and creativity in the advertising industry. 

Creative Director & Social Media Coordinator

Creative Director & Social Media Coordinator

Christina Sofina

Christina Sofina is a bilingual singer, fashion/lifestyle model, and a natural beauty advocate, who empowers brands to tell their story through creative direction, photography and web design. Through the arts and working on sets for many years has enabled her to have an eye for beauty and clear vision on how to execute projects with an elegant flair. Born in Kazakhstan, raised in Russia, she traveled the world performing and connecting people. Through creative direction, she implements the vision of a brand in a website, content for social media, brand story in video production, or as an MC at events. She is our Weosh celebrity!

Administrative Manager

Administrative Manager

Dominique "Nikki" Iezza

Dominique creatively writes and administer projects with experience from around the world and brings a level of succinct validity to the team. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, she has worked with companies looking to refresh their brand, ranging from food service to legal work. Dominique's soft and hard skillset has helped manage behind the scenes of content creation, photo shoots, and even help secure a national news segment (Fox5) for our client. She ensures our clients and their brand is well taken care of with great attention to detail, resulting in comprehensive and harmonious internal/external operations.



Ava Graciela Rutter

Ava Graciela Rutter is a writer in profession and artist at heart. She has years of experience on editorial boards and as a newsletter staff writer, but her experience doesn’t end with journalistic writing and editing. From five-page poems to webpages of professional jargon, her experience in all forms of writing gives her great flexibility in adjusting to her clients’ exact needs. At Weosh, Ava has written for numerous clients that range from musicians to restaurants to bankruptcy solution services. Her mission as a writer and editor is to capture whether the entrepreneurial vision of her client or the poetic beauty of a fleeting moment.

Cidnee Corry

Social Media Intern

Cidnee Corry graduated Summa Cum Laude from MSMU, earning her degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. Throughout her academic career, she has gained experience working in social media management, content creation, and public relations for small businesses in various industries. With a marketing background in television, film, and fashion, Cidnee is passionate about innovation, creativity, and diversity. In her free time, Cidnee enjoys watching arthouse films, reading bell hooks, and trying new foods.


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Production Intern

Adrianna Garcia is a Videographer, Editor, and photographer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media from Mount Saint Mary’s University. Throughout her academic career, she has gained experience in different areas such as production, editing, screen writing, and digital media. Adrianna is passionate about telling cinematic stories through film. In her free time, Adrianna enjoys working out, eating healthy (sometimes), and playing soccer.

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Production Assistant

Lisa Xiong is studying film and is known as the meme queen! She is passionate about film and hopes to be a director.

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Production Intern

Sam Garcia is majoring in Film and Media with an emphasis in Audio Production and Film Scoring. She is able to express her creativity and work passionately especially with a company like Weosh, where it is encouraged. Along with film, she is also a producer; music has always been a passion of hers. She is also a strong advocate for the arts and wants to inspire others through creativity.

WEO Events Team

These ladies are leading by example the core values of Weosh [community over competition, women empowerment] and redefining what it means to be a woman leader. They give back by throwing life-changing workshops and are the masterminds behind Weosh events.


Camly Nguyen

Camly is an LA native and a UCLA alum.  She is an activist working at LA Promise Fund as their Data Analyst; her passion is to take data and effectively use it to create change in LAUSD’s education systems. 

When she isn’t doing social justice work she is an avid Food Blogger. She’s got your back when it comes to finding the best spots in LA; some call her a “human” Yelp. She also makes a conscious effort to focus on Lifestyle blogging as well from cycling to yoga fitness.

Camly is an avid planner and uses her creative art skills to throw beautifully themed parties like this backdrop! She is a modern day Renaissance woman.

Jannet Carrera

Born in Southern California, she danced all her life and trained in numerous technical styles as both Choreographer and Dancer. Besides teaching dance at schools, Jannet also choreographs for a prestige company in the OC. She is passionate about enriching, engaging, inspiring, and impacting the lives around her. She does this through her dance teachings and through Weosh events.

Jannet is an amazing host and has a powerful voice, that she uses to transform, heal, and empower others. Balance, creativity, and diligence are key to her success.

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