Financing Female Fortitude

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Financing Female Fortitude: A business plan generated by the Weosh team, aims to expand on our concept for an immersive pop up shop that will bring a unique interactive experience to consumers, spotlight on female-led businesses and job opportunities for other creatives that is also aligned with the Rare Day Foundation mission.


  1. Increase brand presence 

  2. Obtain customers, clients, and vendors by 300%

  3. Help Weosh vendors increase sales and visibility

  4. Anticipated reach 400,000 attendees 

  5. Providing momentum for future projects and events

  6. Educate and impact our audience with a diverse panel of W.E.Os 

  7. Empower our audience to be more conscious consumers through practicing non-toxic beauty, sustainable fashion and eco-friendly ways of living.


  1. Establish a Pop-Up store for a minimum of 1 Week to a maximum of 2 months

  2. Anticipated date to be in late summer or fall 2020

  3. Provide vendors a physical space to promote products and interact with consumers

  4. Lead by example by reducing our carbon footprint through supporting environmentally conscious products (aka to save the bunnies!)